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Laughing During a Meeting
Laughing During a Meeting

Employee Benefits

Now more than ever, group benefits are on the minds of employees and employers alike. Whether for retention or attraction, cost-efficiency or culture, Bloom Benefits is here to make sure your company offers a program that works. 


No two employees are the same, and neither are their benefits needs. Our rethink benefits approach creates solutions by examining your business goals and values - to strike the perfect balance with  your employee’s needs. A flexible, traditional or innovative plan might be the right fit for you. The right benefits plan can include cover in the following areas:

  • Health    

  • Dental 

  • Life Insurance 

  • Disability Insurance 

  • Mental Health Coverage 

  • HSA + WSA 


We are committed to long-term savings and achieve this with lower pre-negotiated fees, longer rate guarantees, and renewal caps. This preventative and intuitive approach is just one of the ways we’re breaking the status quo. Our resolution to rethink benefits and put in effort at every step, ensures your savings extend beyond the initial plan marketing. 


Some things never go out of style, and we believe good service is one of them. Our old-school, turned new-school approach puts clients first again. We’re revisiting a time when real help was just a phone call away, and satisfaction came with a guarantee. We work for you 365 days a year, no issue is too small. 

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Group Retirement

A Group RRSP is a company-sponsored plan that employers offer to all eligible employees. Each employee has their own account and chooses how to invest their funds. Your Bloom Benefits advisor will compare available programs, and ensure that fees, technology, and investment returns match your companies' goals. 


In a Group Pension Program, an employee and/or employer, contributes a percentage of employee earnings up to a maximum (allowable by the Income Tax Act). These contributions are locked in to provide income at retirement. There are two types of plans offered: defined contribution and defined benefit.


A Group TFSA is a savings plan. Contributions are not tax-deductible, but the income they generate (including capital gains) is tax-free, even when withdrawn. A TSFA is often offered in conjunction with a Group RRSP plan.


A Bloom Benefits Advisor can discuss which option best suits your needs.

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Health + Wellness Accounts

Bloom Benefits offers flexible health and wellness accounts in both taxable and non-taxable options. Let us show you how to this great incentive as a stand alone product or as a top-up with group benefits coverage. A health and wellness account can add flexibility when needs are varied, and help drive your company culture though wellness initiatives. 


We offer some of the lowest administration fees in the industry through our traditional insurance partners and third party specialists. 


Health Spending Account (HSA) claims can include: 

  • Massage 

  • Vision 

  • Orthodontics 

  • Prescriptions  


Wellness Account claims cover a wide variety of products : 

  • Gym memberships 

  • Yoga classes 

  • Educational training 

  • Wellness retreats 

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Life Insurance

Life insurance protects your family or business from financial strain in the event of your death. Our team can help you decide what option is best for your budget and needs. Whether that be a permanent policy or a term option, we can answer all your questions and provide competitive rates from multiple insurers.

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Doctor and Patient

Disability + Critical Illness

You are your most valuable asset. Keep that asset secure whether you are self-employed, or missing this key coverage as a part of your group benefits. Disability and critical illness insurance acts as peace of mind and income replacement; in case of accident these payments ensure you get you the valuable care you need. 


Your top executives are an essential piece of your organization. The attraction and retention of these individuals is extremely valuable. When your group benefits miss the mark, a supplementary program to round off their compensation package is the solution. In addition to being an important compensation tool, executive benefits can help protect your business and key employees. Top-up programs for disability insurance, executive critical illness policies, key person insurance, and elite medical treatment are some of the ways executive benefits keep you covered.

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Cross Border Benefits

Bloom Benefits has a strategic partnership which  provides comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for businesses with cross-border employees, or standalone operations in the United States. Our streamlined administration can be a significant benefit for your company, as it simplifies the process of managing benefits for employees across different states. The same high level of service and care across Canada and the United States.

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